It takes confidence and clarity to succeed at business.


Leaders inspire and nurture their tribe.


 In order for a person to be effective at work, they need to feel good about themselves.  Why not consider The Point for your staff?  The Point for business provides entrepreneurs or professionals with a winning mindset.


A Happy Staff is a Productive Staff


Aspects of The Point can also be combined with other activities for highly effective team building or work retreats.


 #Outcome:  Razor Focus


The Point is delivered for your business at a time & pace suitable to you. 


The Point is a step-by-step process I created, designed for participants seeking uplift.  I do by first addressing the quality of your thoughts by clearing the murk of your mind and through wise and guided alignment of their unique strengths, values and passion revealing their ‘truth’.

Let’s get to the point.  You want to feel great about yourself.  You want to know that you are making the right decisions.  You want to have an enriching career.   Perhaps you are a little confused or off your game or there is a part of you that knows you can do better? If you’re not clear on how amazing you are, then your mind may be all tangled up with thought-knots.


If any of the above is ringing true for you then THE POINT is for you.


When it just doesn’t feel right, you can be sure you’re off track.


During The Point, you will learn how to unleash the power of your conscious mind by learning NLP techniques & through exercises specifically designed to alleviate thought-knots and direct your focus towards confidence & clarity.


What we FOCUS on shows up.


NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming encompasses the 3 most influential components involved in producing the human experience:  neurology, language and programming. The interplay between these has created your thinking patterns.  If you don’t like what you’re thinking, I can point the way out of that trap.


From my perspective, sustained change comes from working with both the conscious and unconscious mind.  Our thoughts go awry when these two are out of sync which can result in low self-esteem and anxiety.   We lose our edge.


As a hypnotherapist,  I’ll guide you through marvellous creative visualizations to harness the power of your unconscious mind to further align both your conscious and unconscious mind into harmony.


You Will Learn How To:


Develop flexibility of perspective

Overcome self sabotage patterns

Dispel negative beliefs

 Stop getting in your own way

Achieve goals that inspire you

Discover your unique formula for success

Boost self confidence

Prioritise what’s important

Formulate a clear vision for your future

Utilise the power of strategic thinking


Up to now, everyone who has participated in The Point has increased in confidence and left feeling empowered.


I don’t coach anyone through anything I haven’t explored.

There’s No Point in Working with Me if:


If you’re mind is closed tighter than a drum

If you think you’re perfect & don’t need to learn another darn thing

If you think participation is a dirty word

If you don’t like Canadians




Q:  Does The Point methodology work for any business?


A:  Yes, if you are seeking to grow the general confidence level of any staff member.  Their interpersonal and communication skills will increase therefore ideal for individuals who work with the public.


Q:  Are all 6 steps required?

A:  Completing all the steps is the ideal.  Any step of The Point will enhances ones thinking.


Q:  How long is each workshop?

A:  2.5 hours.


Q:  How many participants are allowed?

A:  Ideally, maximum 21.  The more participants, the lengthier the workshop.


Q:  Is this suitable for men?

A:  I can tailor The Point to deliver it for both men & women within your group.


Q:  Are you available for workshops outside Jersey?

A:  Yes, I love to travel.  If you think your company or group could benefit from The Point, let’s talk. I regularly travel to London & Vancouver/Whistler too.


“Thanks for your training; always valuable to refocus on client loyalty.”


“Appreciate your time and expertise in the marketing arena. Definitely more conscience about advocates.”


“Thanks so much for helping us to be better marketers.”


“Thanks so much Pam! I learned a lot of soft skills & how to detect/generate leads.”


“Thanks. I learned a lot!!!”


“Thanks a lot! You’ve been inspirational in getting me thinking!”


“Learned a lot from your talk. Thank you!”


Rowbotham & Company LLP
Accountants & Consultants
San Francisco & Palo Alto
Workshop: Building a Team of Advocates

“Great content, clearly explained and delivered. Thought provoking and applicable to me.”


“Pam made me see things from a different perspective & consider how to better approach some circumstances.”


 “Very information; opened up new ways of thinking.”


“I would definitely recommend Pamela. She is thorough and clear in her message.”


“This 2-hour intro was so enlightening and I will take skills away I can use straight away in all areas of my life.”


 “Thank you Pamela. I found you very interesting & inspiring.”


The Wellness Centre
Castle Quay
Bespoke Workshop

“ The workshop had a clear and concise message.  A high net worth team should work on a common message to target clients. It provided a good understanding of what clients really want and what’s dear to their heart.”


“Put us on the same page in developing group brand.  I liked the focus shift to client’s emotion and learned to ask clients why they use me.”


“This was a useful workshop and added team-building.  It gave me a good start on my personal value proposition.”

“I learned how clients perceive us.  It was clear and concise and I learned to communicate without technical words and to concentrate on catchy, emotion words. I realized that our group needs to work more together.”


“The key role of emotion with developing model from client perspective.”


“I understand the buyer’s perspective from their standpoint; to avoid technical terms/telling people what to do.”


Burr Pilger Mayer

Accountants & Consultants

San Francisco & Palo Alto

Workshop:  Creating a Value Proposition