This Point is designed for those who develop their business by way of referral.


Point being, you can make client acquisition easier on yourself.


Let’s face it, not many of us enjoy promoting ourselves.  Having a Team of Advocates ensures we can spend more time doing the work we enjoy versus client acquisition. The methodology I teach in this workshop will make client acquisition and retention easier for you.  It works, I know – it’s how I became a rock star within the finance industry. 


Advocates are people who publicly recommend and support you.  More than that, they understand what you do and send well-qualified referrals.  In a nutshell, this methodology will save you time and effort whilst you grow your business.


As an extra bonus, I’ll also teach you how to get your message across quickly and effectively so anyone who you speak with will understand what you offer and your key differentiator.


Purpose and benefits of creating a team of advocates

How to identify an advocate

Key criteria for advocate selection

Key motivators of advocates

Team construction

Ongoing assessment, weeding and feeding

Clarity of your revenue

Certainty of who you want to work with

Confidence where you add value

Simple model to identify, interview & integrate your team


Groups:  ½ to 1-day workshop

Private Clients:  90 minute sessions or half-day workshops


Q:   What do I have to do to prepare?

A:  Make a list of who refers work to you already & the amount of income you earned last year from their referrals.  Bring that information with you. Take some time to get very clear on whom your ideal client is, write it down and bring that with you too.


Q:  Will I be asked to share confidential client information?

A: No, in fact I encourage participants not to provide names.


Q:  What if I’m too frightened to get out there and speak to people I don’t know about what I do?

A: May I humbly suggest that The Point: Building Natural Confidence is your starting point.


Q:  Will I be asked to do role-plays?

A: No, this is not a ‘sales’ course; it’s a business development methodology.  You will learn to describe what you do in an effective manner that can be used anywhere from networking events to 1:1 meetings.


Q:  What is the cost?

A:  It depends upon the time I need to spend with you, your group or business and your baseline of knowledge. Please contact me to discuss your objective.