What’s the Point of Phobias?


Unless you think irrational fear is a good thing, there is no point.


Is it time to re-pattern your thinking and clear some extreme thought-knots?


A phobia is an overwhelming fear and develops when a person has an unrealistic or exaggerated sense of danger about a situation or object.


I experienced my first phobia in my early 30’s. Seemingly out of nowhere, I became extremely frightened of driving or walking over bridges.  So much so that my ‘bridge fear’ stopped me from visiting a dear friend the night before her wedding.  And I was her maid of honour! I didn’t have the nerve to tell her because I thought I would sound crazy. I felt awful but just the thought of going over that bridge caused me to panic.


I think the worry and anxiety that phobias cause is a huge waste of our precious time.  Sometimes even thinking about the source of a phobia can make a person feel panicky. Typical symptoms are an increased heart rate, butterflies in the stomach, trembling, shortness of breath and sweaty palms. 


Broadly speaking there are two types of phobias, simple and complex.  I work with simple phobias.


 Simple phobias center around a particular animal, situation, activity or object.  Common examples are:

·      Animal phobias – such as birds, insects, snakes or rodents

·      Environmental phobias – such as heights, deep water and germs

·      Situational phobias – such as networking, public speaking or flying


Phobias are a special type of thought-knot where our brain has developed a pattern of irrational fear.  As a phobic I was ecstatic when I learned NLP & Hypnotherapy techniques to cure phobias because I know the suffering they can cause.   I’m delighted to help you.



Q:  How long does it take?


A: Simple phobias are typically cured within a one-hour session. Situational phobias can take longer.


Q:  What if they’re not?

A:  Some phobias can be multi-layered such as fear of flying. There can be a combination of phobias at hand such as fear of heights or fear of enclosed spaces. We need to address each phobia on it’s own so it may involve more sessions.


Q:  Can you work on more than one phobia during the same session?

A: No, one at a time.


Q:  Can this be done virtually?

A:  Yes, via Skype or Face Time. It doesn’t work over the telephone.


Q:  How much will it cost?

A:  For simple phobia: £100.00 per session including our preparatory Discovery Session where I learn about your phobia to develop your session.


Environmental phobias can take more than one session and require more preparatory work.
Therefore, discovery session £75.00 and: £100.00 per session.


“I have always been terrified of snakes.  That doesn’t describe it at all.  Terrified to the core.  I didn’t even like to see snakes on T.V., or touch toy plastic snakes.  A primeval kind of fear, as though it was some kind of inherited instinct.  A phobia!


I use the past tense because I was cured of my fear on holiday in Vietnam.  We took a river cruise on the Mekong Delta, which included a visit to a farming family in a small village.  As we were about to dock, the guide asked if there was anyone afraid of snakes.  Of course I told her straight away that I was more than afraid and she recommended that I stay on the boat because it was highly likely that we would have a close encounter with a large snake.  I was pretty unhappy about this as the visit to the farm was a big part of the trip, but I wasn’t about to get up close to a live snake.


Pam suggested that she cure me of my phobia.


I have to admit that I was sceptical but I have a great deal of confidence in Pam and if she says she can cure my phobia then I am inclined to believe her, so we sat down opposite each other and she worked her magic.


After the cure, I got off the boat and went to the farm with everyone else.  I wouldn’t have missed it for anything (except avoiding snakes in my pre cure condition).  I was rewarded by meeting the most charming, beautiful, innocent people.  Rodents are a problem on their small farm and rodent control takes the form of several snakes of various sizes.  As anticipated, a huge python was brought out for everyone to see.  At least three metres long or more and around 9 inches in diameter.  Instead of running, I stood close to the snake and watched for a while before touching it and then patting it.  I would never have thought it possible, but there I was patting a snake that I would have been terrified to be within 50 feet of before Pam’s cure.


If you are suffering from a phobia then get in touch with Pam so that you can be released from your fear and get on with enjoying your life.  I couldn’t recommend Pam more.”



From a young age I have always had a fear of pigeons. I know this might sound odd, but it really affected my daily life, especially living on an island where pigeons are everywhere! 


I remember I had an outdoor client lunch at a cafe in The Royal Square (which is pigeon heaven). In the weeks leading up to the lunch I started to get anxious and believing that I wouldn’t be able to be in control of my phobia during this important client meeting. I managed to pluck up the courage and went to the lunch, but I was on edge the whole time and constantly on the look out for when the next pigeon was going to come under the table, fly over me, etc. It wasn’t my idea of fun, it was far from that. I felt that my phobia really had an effect on my performance during this important client meeting.


My phobia even lead me to cross the road or go in a different direction every time when faced with a pigeon, I know it sounds silly. I knew I needed help!


I was delighted when I found out about Pamela’s Phobia therapy and therefore booked a session, in the hope that I could finally understand and overcome the reason for my phobia. 


The session allowed me to understand where the phobia lived within my mind, and taught me mind tools so that I could process my reaction differently. The creative visualisation process made me be in the worst part of my fear and then understand what’s the worst that can happen if a pigeon was next to me etc. It allowed me to put my mind into a calm place and allowed for clear thinking. 


After the session I took myself into The Royal Square, a breeding ground for pigeons, and walked amongst the pigeons (something I would have never done). And guess what, the mind tools that Pamela taught me actually worked!

I will never start a hobby of feeding pigeons but at least I have learnt how to process my reaction when faced with pigeons into one of being calm, clear minded, instead of allowing that sense of fear to enter my mind. 


For anyone who has a phobia, I would highly recommend Pamela’s services, you will gain mind tools and a new way of thinking which is key to overcoming any phobia. 


Thank you Pamela for sharing your knowledge and helping me overcome my phobia. 



Sometimes when working with phobias it becomes evident to me that a phobia began at a time when someone experienced trauma from a bad situation or relationship.  Our thinking patterns change as we try to cope and bring normalcy to a situation that is anything but normal.


This was true for me. 


At these times, it may become necessary to utilize advanced NLP strategies to take care of extreme thought-knots.  My  NLP trainers aptly referred to these tools  as ‘NLP magic’.  For me it’s the perfect term because they have worked like magic.  Please note that NLP magic can only be done in person.  I’m happy to help you locate a qualified NLP practitioner in your area.