A Warrior Accepts the Challenges in Life

The UK is on track to be the wettest on record in May.  Last night’s sky was full of steely grey clouds that plunged rain and hail to the ground.  There were smatterings of blue patches in the sky with a hazy sunset that resulted in a rainbow over the sea.  The moon will be full soon.  I wonder what further turmoil may occur with the change of gravitational pull.

The present weather is a worthy metaphor for the turmoil we presently see in the world.   With the backdrop of a pandemic, conflict springs up all over the planet:  Israel/Palestine, Myanmar is on the verge of a civil war, in Belarus the government hijacks a plane.  Stress is on the rise.  According to the World Health Organization and the International Labour Organization, long working hours are killing hundreds of thousands of people every year largely by stroke and heart disease.  2021 is definitely one tumultuous year.


Most people have many negative influences in their life that drag them down.  Personally, I choose to limit my exposure to the negative noise of the world and focus on what is good in my life.  I recommend looking at what may be preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself – the environment, people, media, and behaviours.  It’s our responsibility to cut them from our lives.


This I know but I sometimes forget.  Patterns sneak up on us unexpectedly.


Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.” –  Confucius


For the past few years, I have been writing a memoir of my early years.  I was 5 years old when my beloved father died.  My world changed.  Family life became challenging at best.  I suffered an array of abuse over the next 15 years.    I lived with pandemonium and chaos resulting in a mind full of turmoil.  Perhaps this is the reason that I haven’t dug deep and concerned myself with the drama around the pandemic.  I know this time will pass, every drama does unless we hold onto it.


Writing my memoir has been one of the greatest challenges of my life because I’ve had to remember and relive great hurts.  How I have been treated by certain family members boggles the mind.  I could just never do those type of things to another, let alone my family.


All my life, I wanted to have a happy homelife.  I tried to make it so, but the cards I was dealt with the cast of characters I was born into would never allow it.  Love and joy do not exist with my siblings whose paradigm is sick.  My successes and generosity are met with negativity, spite, and hatred.  Through my writing, I have finally, finally, finally released the dream that only served up anguish and disappointment.


I used to believe I was a victim, not anymore.  I have experienced extraordinary experiences that have shaped my life.  The good thing about living with turbulence is it can make one strong, determined, resolute.  Now, I have a happy life with my husband and his family whose values are in alignment with mine.


Beliefs control perception.  Rewrite your beliefs and rewrite your perception.  Then you re-write your genes and ways.  You will be treated differently the day you treat yourself differently.  I am thankful for my memoir as it has provided insight into a family pattern.  Staring me in the face, I am once more adjusting my course for a better life.


The past does not equal the future unless you live there.”  – Tony Robbins



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