The Point of Public Speaking is to be seen as an expert.


The Point of Public Speaking is designed for people who wish to enhance their career.


 When we are perceived as an expert, we attract clients.  If people understand your expertise, they will seek you out.  Giving a talk, seminar or workshop is a great way for you to not only attract new clients, it also will help your existing clients, potentially turning them into advocates.  Advocates refer business. Click here to find out about The Point of Developing a Team of Advocates.


If we communicate our message effectively, as our audience wishes to receive it, we build credibility & rapport.  Both are key elements to develop trust and people have to trust you to work with you.


When we give a talk, after about 7 seconds, the unconscious mind of your listener stops paying attention unless something changes.  This is an important point because it is the unconscious mind where decisions are made.  So the goal is not to “information-dump” with facts and figures or you’ll lose your audience early on. 


I believe that everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard.


During The Point for public speaking, you will learn how to become an effective speaker by learning techniques to engage both the conscious and unconscious mind of your audience, keeping both awake and entertained.


The fear of public speaking is very common.  During this workshop I will guide you through creative visualizations specifically designed to mitigate your anxiety around speaking to an audience.  Additionally, I’ll equip you with a recording to calm your mind when preparing for a talk.


A More Confident, Engaging Speaker.

It is well- known that the fear of public speaking is widespread. As a well-trained and seasoned speaker equipped with some powerful mind tools, I can teach you how to become an effective and interesting speaker.


If however, you have a phobia to public speaking, this needs to be addressed first or you will panic or freeze in the workshop. To learn more, please click here for There is No Point to Phobias.

What You Will Learn:


Sharpen your point:  what do you want to achieve?

How to communicate for your audience, not to your audience

Words have power; you’ll learn powerful words

Hone your body language and tonality of your voice

Become an effective storyteller

Discover why PowerPoint is less than optimal

Gain confidence with your unique speaking style

How to prepare effectively for a talk

Methods to decrease anxiety



Q:  I’m terrified to speak in public, is The Point for me?

A:  Perhaps not. It’s important to distinguish if you have fear or a phobia.  Please see my section on phobias or contact me to discuss. We’ll determine together if this workshop is for you at this point.


Q:  Will I have to give a talk at The Point?

A:  Yes, on a topic that you are passionate about. All participants are in this together to support one another.


Q:  What if I’m too frightened to come?

A:  Consider working with me 1:1 or bring a friend with the same goal for support.  Remember that I provide focused creative visualizations during The Point to help reduce your anxiety.


Q:  What do I need to do to prepare for The Point?

A:  Draft a 5-minute talk on a topic for which you have a lot of knowledge and passion & bring it with you.  That and a strong desire to improve your speaking skills.


Q:  What are the options and costs?


Groups or Businesses:


1, 2-day workshop*


*For individual businesses, I can tailor the dates & times to suit you.

Cost:  £189.00 per participant



Private Clients:


Working 1:1 with you at times and dates that suit your schedule.  Private sessions are offered in person or virtually via Skype or Facetime.


Cost:  Let’s discuss your objective.  When I understand the scope of the project, options are my hourly rate of £75.00 or a one-time, all –inclusive fee.


“Pam’s coaching came highly recommended to me from a good friend, but at the time, I didn’t feel like I needed it. Just weeks later, I was asked to speak at an event and pitch my business concept to 400 people. Immediately I knew who to call!  I didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew I needed help.


Public speaking wasn’t something I was scared of, but the opportunity was a super important one for my business and there was a lot of pressure to get it right! Not only did Pam draw on her extensive experience in public speaking to help me develop my speech, but she used coaching & hypnotherapy to help me overcome any nerves and really give me the confidence to get up on stage and deliver my pitch. She’s incredible.”



“Thought you might like to know I did a video shoot today! It was scary and fun, totally out of my comfort zone and never ever thought I would do it. Thanks for helping me with my confidence. I’m sure that last hypno session was a turning point.”


Liz Sheehan