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Public speaking is one of my many joys.  It energizes me to be in front of an audience sharing inspiration with stories from my life and wisdom I’ve picked up along the way.


In my highly successful career in finance, I spoke often on technical matters to international audiences.  Speaking engagements took me to exciting cities on both sides of the pond — Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Beach, Bahamas, London, Jersey, Haifa and Tel-Aviv and more.


My work and focus has changed since those days on the road.


Now, my aim is to uplift and inspire an audience.  Sometimes all it takes is a sentence or two for a positive shift to occur within a person. As a speaker, I seek to motivate others by painting pictures in their mind’s eye that resonate so they can have realizations long after I have left the stage.


Does your audience need guidance or motivation?  Do you prefer a talk or a workshop format? Let’s chat and I’ll tailor my presentation to your specifications.


For me sharing the gift of confidence and clarity for as many people as I can is a life well lived.


Fee:  Negotiable


“Pamela is passionate in wanting to help others through sharing her knowledge. She has been generous in supporting our work. She was our main speaker at our signature breakfast event for International Women’s Day where she gave a fascinating and inspirational talk. This set the scene for the whole event and the feedback from the 200 plus audience was fantastic.”


Manager, Jersey Women’s Refuge

“Confidence Coach Pamela Pitcher gave a speech at an International Women’s Day event which left Elizabeth Talbot speechless: I was so moved by Pamela’s speech that I sought her out to ask how, after everything she had been through, she could stand up and deliver a speech so powerful and effective.”


Elizabeth Talbot, Jersey Evening Post

“I learned more from Pam in one hour than I do listening to most of my colleagues.”


Guest Speaker & International Tax Practitioner, STEP Jersey Conference 

Topic: Psychological Aspects of Communication


From the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP)

“I was speaking to the folks at Goldman Sachs the other day and they were very impressed with your talk.”


Former Chair, STEP, San Francisco 

Topic:  Crossing Borders & Generations –  Communicating Effectively with the Multinational Family


From the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP)