“During a pivotal time in my career I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Pamela Pitcher.  Her coaching mechanisms and tools enabled me to truly determine the type of career I want to build, embrace my inner confidence and identify my core values to get there.  The experience has been incredibly life changing and I could not be more grateful to move forward in my life, with a newfound level of empowerment and clarity.  Our work together has positively impacted my personal and career growth.”



Kirsten Maxwell

National Bank of Canada, Private Banking 1859

“Pam recently facilitated a business development session for us.


Pam’s industry experience shone through her insightful, focussed and immensely practical advice.  Her thought leadership in this area is unequalled and most importantly we have already began to see real benefits from her work.”


Edward Buckland, Director

LGL Trustees

“Excellent opportunity to focus the mind under a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  Thoroughly recommended for those who require guidance in life.”


“Fantastic – a 12 out of 10!  Thank you Pam. This has been a wonderful workshop series.  I can’t wait to see you again.  Much love.”


“I’m so glad to have met Pamela and have taken so much away from a two weekend course I attended called ‘The Point’.  I would highly recommend Pamela to anyone and will continue to see her to keep me on point!


“I had limiting beliefs that prevented me even considering that my dream could happen. However, this changed when I worked with you. Thanks Pamela. I am living my dream.”



“I attended The Point, a series of 6 workshops designed and delivered by Pamela Pitcher. I was sceptical to start with so it was a huge step for me to even sign up, however, Pam was very patient and supportive from the outset and I am so happy that I did. Pam creates a very relaxed, warm and friendly environment to work in and openly shares her own experiences as well as the challenges she faced and overcame on her own development path. For me, this was not only comforting but also very motivational. She’s a very warm, spiritual and knowledgeable woman so the fact that she developed the tools, that she now shares, in achieving her own peace, happiness and fulfilment, really gave me confidence in her and inspired me. Like anything, you get out what you put in and I signed up to the series at a very busy and challenging time in my life with a great deal of change and uncertainty in so many aspects of it. Some evenings I literally dragged myself to the workshops feeling exhausted, stressed and anxious, however, I always came away feeling a lot calmer, more positive and more motivated. These feelings stayed with me over the ensuing days so I started to look forward to the sessions. I didn’t, or couldn’t, focus on utilising the tools Pam shares as much as I would have liked to outside of the workshops, whilst the series was on-going, but if I had waited for that perfect time, it probably wouldn’t have come. I do, however, feel a lot more positive and motivated  knowing I now have these tools and strategies to deal with day to day situations, gives me a confidence and security that I know I can now build on. I was also lucky to meet some really lovely people in attending the workshops and Pam has stayed in touch, gently but consistently sharing information and supporting so the positive outcome is on-going.”



“Great content, clearly explained and delivered.  Thought provoking and applicable to me.”


“Pam made me see things from a different perspective & consider how to better approach some circumstances.”


“Very informative; opened up new ways of thinking.”


“I would definitely recommend Pamela. She is thorough and clear in her message.”


“This 2-hour intro was so enlightening and I will take skills away I can use straight away in all areas of my life.”


“Thank you Pamela.  I found you very interesting & inspiring.”


The Wellness Centre

Castle Quay


Bespoke Workshop

“I recently took part in Pam’s The Point workshop series, it was a very positive experience for me. The sessions are well structured to make you challenge your beliefs in a productive way, to help get the answers you need and get perspective. Even after 3-4 sessions I could feel a shift, through the exercises we did in class and also the homework we had. I feel so much happier and lighter, and feel this has definitely helped me on my road to recovery. Doing the workshops also meant meeting 5 lovely ladies who are on the same journey to talk about our experiences. Thank you Pam x”



“I have gained confidence and so much more. Pamela has given me the tools to create my perfect future and it is gold. Thank you so much!”



“You workshop series was both useful for me and applicable to my life.  I would recommend it to others.”



“Thanks for your training; always valuable to refocus on client loyalty.”


“Appreciate your time and expertise in the marketing arena. Definitely more conscious about advocates.”


“Thanks so much for helping us to be better marketers.”


“Thanks so much Pam!  I learned a lot of soft skills & how to detect/generate leads.”


“Thanks.  I learned a lot!!!”


“Thanks a lot!  You’ve been inspirational in getting me thinking!”


“Learned a lot from your talk.  Thank you!”


Rowbotham & Company LLP

Accountants & Consultants

San Francisco & Palo Alto

Workshop:  Building a Team of Advocates

“The course helped me identify areas in life being held back by acknowledging limiting beliefs and working on those – allowing for a new perspective. The NLP information was really interesting and useful at home to continue the class work. I particularly enjoyed sessions 4 & 5 to hone in on what makes us tick. The final session brought everything together. I’ve taken away a clearer mindset of how to achieve goals/desires and have some excellent resources to access a higher level of thought, which is productive alongside actionable steps. Thank you.” 



“I have found a vast improvement in the way I look at things/view things. I am feeling more confident and more certain. I love the value system. It makes so much sense to me and I love the fact that I have been given this knowledge to live by. It will make it easier to make decisions. Thanks for the knowledge you have passed on, it is and is going to be a huge benefit in my life. I am really grateful.”



“Pam’s course has been so helpful for me.  I have found clear direction and confidence in who I am and where I’m going in my life.  Shifts have taken place and dreams becoming a reality.  I highly recommend it to everyone.”  


Liz Sheehan

“ The workshop had a clear and concise message.  A high net worth team should work on a common message to target clients. It provided a good understanding of what clients really want and what’s dear to their heart.”


“Put us on the same page in developing group brand.  I liked the focus shift to client’s emotion and learned to ask clients why they use me.”


“This was a useful workshop and added team-building.  It gave me a good start on my personal value proposition.”

“I learned how clients perceive us.  It was clear and concise and I learned to communicate without technical words and to concentrate on catchy, emotion words. I realized that our group needs to work more together.”


“The key role of emotion with developing a model from a client perspective.”


“I understand the buyer’s perspective from their standpoint; to avoid technical terms/telling people what to do.”


Burr Pilger Mayer

Accountants & Consultants

San Francisco & Palo Alto

Workshop:  Creating a Value Proposition

“Pam, just wanted to say thank you. I’m sad that our workshops have finished, but I will not forget all the things I learnt from you. In fact, I will strive to deepen that knowledge, as I have felt truly inspired by your work. I will continue on the path of self-love and gratitude all the way to ultimate freedom and happiness. Thank you for showing me how!”



“I feel empowered and have the tools now to use.”



“Pam is a true professional who is reliable, friendly & fun.  I would recommend The Point: Building Natural Confidence, which she has delivered to our entire team.  The content was immediately applicable and relevant to our work.  Thank you so much Pamela”


Jersey Women’s Refuge


The Point

“Pam’s coaching came highly recommended to me from a good friend, but at the time, I didn’t feel like I need it. Just weeks later, I was asked to speak at an event and pitch my business concept to 400 people. Immediately I knew who to call! 


I didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew I needed help. Public speaking wasn’t something I was scared of, but the opportunity was a super important one for my business and there was a lot of pressure to get it right! Not only did Pam draw on her extensive experience in public speaking to help me develop my speech, but she used coaching & hypnotherapy to help me overcome any nerves and really give me the confidence to get up on stage and deliver my pitch. She’s incredible.”



“Awesome guided meditations and exercises. Very inspiring! Definitely worked and I feel more at peace with myself and more peaceful. Thank you Pam.”



“Thank you Pamela for your energy, knowledge and passion … what a fabulous 6 weeks!”



“I now feel less judged. I stop myself when thinking negatively. I’m more at peace with myself.”



“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. We must listen to our thoughts, as many are not serving us. I was able to see/link current situation to my end values not being met. My belief in myself is back! Couldn’t recommend it more!!”



“Just wanted to send you a quick email to say a massive thanks for all your help. I found yesterday’s session really valuable, and I really appreciate you sharing a little of your own story with me. I’m finding the process of separation/heartbreak really, really tough (as if it would be any other way!) and I’m certain it’s the main reason why I haven’t felt confident. Our work together has really helped.”



“I know my self worth. I won’t let anyone determine my value! My passion is my strength! To be inspired is great; to inspire is incredible. You are amazing Pam.! Thank you!”



“I am now able to speak in groups – to have an opinion and voice it. I’ve learned to switch off and not let things bother me.”



“I was unconfident & unsure of what I wanted in life. Now I know what path I want to take and the steps I need to do. I feel more positive about life.”



“I had low self-esteem and now I’m much more confident and I know my self-worth. The workshop was amazing and I’m very grateful to take part in it. I enjoyed every single thing about it.”



“I felt very low and emotional at the beginning . I now feel positive and like the real me again (it’s been so long). Pam is amazing. I’m so grateful for this course.”



“I was a bit low and not very confident. I’m happier and confident now and feeling more positive. It has helped me to realise that I do want to change careers.”



“I have always been terrified of snakes. That doesn’t describe it at all. Terrified to the core. I didn’t even like to see snakes on T.V., or touch toy plastic snakes. A primeval kind of fear, as though it was some kind of inherited instinct. A phobia!


I use the past tense because I was cured of my fear on holiday in Vietnam. We took a river cruise on the Mekong Delta, which included a visit to a farming family in a small village. As we were about to dock, the guide asked if there was anyone afraid of snakes. Of course I told her straight away that I was more than afraid and she recommended that I stay on the boat because it was highly likely that we would have a close encounter with a large snake. I was pretty unhappy about this as the visit to the farm was a big part of the trip, but I wasn’t about to get up close to a live snake.

Pam suggested that she cure me of my phobia.


I have to admit that I was sceptical but I have a great deal of confidence in Pam and if she says she can cure my phobia then I am inclined to believe her, so we sat down opposite each other and she worked her magic.


After the cure, I got off the boat and went to the farm with everyone else. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything (except avoiding snakes in my pre cure condition). I was rewarded by meeting the most charming, beautiful, innocent people. Rodents are a problem on their small farm and rodent control takes the form of several snakes of various sizes. As anticipated, a huge python was brought out for everyone to see. At least three metres long or more and around 9 inches in diameter. Instead of running, I stood close to the snake and watched for a while before touching it and then patting it. I would never have thought it possible, but there I was patting a snake that I would have been terrified to be within 50 feet of before Pam’s cure.


If you are suffering from a phobia then get in touch with Pam so that you can be released from your fear and get on with enjoying your life. I couldn’t recommend Pam more.”



“From a young age I have always had a fear of pigeons. I know this might sound odd, but it really affected my daily life, especially living on an island where pigeons are everywhere!


I remember I had an outdoor client lunch at a cafe in The Royal Square (which is pigeon heaven). In the weeks leading up to the lunch I started to get anxious and believing that I wouldn’t be able to be in control of my phobia during this important client meeting. I managed to pluck up the courage and went to the lunch, but I was on edge the whole time and constantly on the look out for when the next pigeon was going to come under the table, fly over me, etc. It wasn’t my idea of fun, it was far from that. I felt that my phobia really had an effect on my performance during this important client meeting.

My phobia even lead me to cross the road or go in a different direction every time when faced with a pigeon, I know it sounds silly. I knew I needed help!


I was delighted when I found out about Pamela’s Phobia therapy and therefore booked a session, in hope that I could finally understand and overcome the reason for my phobia.


The session allowed me to understand where the phobia lived within my mind, and taught me mind tools so that I could process my reaction differently. The creative visualisation process made me be in the worst part of my fear and then understand what’s the worst that can happen if a pigeon was next to me etc. It allowed me to put my mind into calm place and allowed for clear thinking.


After the session I took myself into The Royal Square, a breeding ground for pigeons, and walked amongst the pigeons (something I would have never done). And guess what, the mind tools that Pamela taught me actually worked!

I will never start a hobby of feeding pigeons but at least I have learnt how to process my reaction when faced with pigeons into one of being calm, clear minded, instead of allowing that sense of fear to enter my mind.


For anyone who has a phobia I would highly recommend Pamela’s services, you will gain mind tools and a new way of thinking which is key to overcoming any phobia.


Thank you Pamela for sharing your knowledge and helping me overcome my phobia.”


Emma Hill