The Point is to feel great about yourself!


I believe everyone deserves to live a life full of the stuff they love, confidently.


The Point is a step-by-step process I created, designed for participants seeking uplift.  I guide you through a powerful process to release the old conditioning and negative thoughts that trigger self-doubt.  The Point is a transformative program to help you connect to your true self, others and the world.   I guide you step-by-step as you begin to tap into your personal power and create more of what you really want in life. 


Let’s get to the point.  You want to feel great about yourself.  You want to know that you are making the right decisions.   Perhaps you are a little confused or off your game? Perhaps somewhere along the way you lost your sparkle.  Or just perhaps you want to be the best you can be. If you’re not clear on how amazing you are, then your mind may be all tangled up with thought-knots.


If any of the above is ringing true for you then THE POINT is for you.


When it just doesn’t feel right, it’s your soul telling you you’re off track.


During The Point, you will learn how to unleash the power of your conscious mind by learning NLP techniques & through exercises specifically designed to alleviate thought-knots and direct your focus towards confidence & clarity.


What we FOCUS on shows up.  Perhaps you’re stuck in a habitual pattern of perfectionism, blame, guilt, self-doubt or righteousness.

These  less than optimal thinking patterns can get in the way of you being your best self and others not seeing that you have plenty of gifts to share.


NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming encompasses the 3 most influential components involved in producing the human experience:  neurology, language and programming. The interplay between these has created your thinking patterns.  If you don’t like what you’re thinking, I can point the way out of that trap.


From my perspective, sustained change comes from working with both the conscious and unconscious mind.  Our thoughts go awry when these two are out of sync which can result in low self-esteem and anxiety.   We lose our edge.

As a hypnotherapist,  I’ll guide you through marvellous creative visualizations to harness the power of your unconscious mind to further align both your conscious and unconscious mind into harmony.


You Will Learn How To:


Let go of old baggage from your past

Develop flexibility of perspective

Overcome self sabotage patterns

Dispel negative beliefs

 Stop getting in your own way

Achieve goals that will inspire you

Direct & control your focus

Discover your unique formula for success

Find your purpose

Boost self confidence

Trust your intuition

Prioritise what’s important

Formulate a clear vision for your future

Utilise the power of strategic planning

Up to now, everyone who has participated in The Point has increased in confidence and left feeling empowered.


Transformation takes times, tools and intention.  Once you’ve transformed there is no going back.  I provide the space and tools to change. All you need is to bring your intention.

 #Let’s work together.


This is my sweet spot. I love the group dynamic – the exchange of knowledge, perspective, energy & experience is special.

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What’s the Point of Phobias? Unless you think irrational fear is a good thing, there is no point.