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My story

Raised in Vancouver, Pamela was a curious girl who started asking the BIG questions at an early age.


Growing up in an extremely dysfunctional family, she asked.  She saw others in her community leading happy lives and yearned for one herself.


One day, she had a thought, ‘I will have a better life’. As things got worse at home, she vowed she would have a better life. Over the years, that thought turned into an empowering belief that turned into a conviction and changed the trajectory of her life.

Pamela became a seeker and a self-improvement junkie consuming books on spirituality to mindset.  She sought out experiences, courses and workshops that provided paradigm shifts to raise her awareness and increase her self-knowledge.


Pamela believes that we come to this world for a reason – the continuing evolution of our soul. Her most important question when faced with a challenge is “What can I learn from this?”


A business development guru in the finance industry,  she went on to become a motivational coach, social & emotional intelligence coach, emotional freedom technique practitioner, hypnotherapist and master of neuro linguistic programming.


A spiritually aware business woman turned Awakener, Pamela no longer offers coaching.  Instead, she provides a no nonsense approach to take others to the next level through her podcast, Awaken  to the Best You.


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awaken to the best you with pamela pitcher is a podcast designed to inspire and propel you to a newfound level of empowerment and clarity.

Through cultivating the art of thinking, you’ll learn how to detangle your thought knots and train your brain to break through obstacles. You’ll learn to focus on what matters most using your inner guidance system and make choices to become a remarkable you!

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