My Story


I believe we are all born with pure potential. What we do with that potential depends on the spot where our life was launched into this world.  Our spot dictates our influences.  Family, language and culture mould our thoughts,  beliefs and values.

Despite our personal history,  nothing is more important than the desire to change to awaken to the best you.

The truth is, you can change what you think.  And when you change what you think, magic happens.

Nothing is more important than the desire to change to awaken to the best you!


I grew up in a troubled family. My father & I deeply loved each other.  He died when I was 5. My purpose became making mom happy because she was so sad.  I had to grow up fast. Mom utilised me as her rock to cope with being a single mother of 4.  Thus my nickname,  ‘little rock’.  She took care of my basic needs whilst she messed with my emotions.  Mom was a Jekyll and Hyde. Loving me 1 minute then spewing out alcoholic rants of abuse the next.  She was a broken woman.  I did my best to raise her up.  She continued to make bad choices and died a woman full of regret.


I had 3 older brothers, 1 was a bully and 1 a psychopath. Number 3 loved me unconditionally.  He gave me support and laughter.  He passed in a fire at 21 when our family home burned down.


Brokenhearted and confused, I lacked direction. I struggled and made a lot of mistakes. I hurt people, mostly me, with my poor choices. I desperately wanted to understand the meaning of my circumstances and how live a better life.


I chose to have a better life. That thought turned into an empowering  belief that became a conviction and changed the trajectory of my life from dysfunction to celebration and gratitude. Today I choose most of my thoughts deliberately & constructively because I understand the art of thinking.


 EVERYTHING we create for ourselves begins with a thought, good or bad.

We attract what we focus on


After years in what some may say was a dream career I decided to move on. During my transition I underwent a transformative process of self-realization and re-invention. I realized that I wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others at a profound level. To motivate, inspire and propel others into a greater version of themselves.

How do you define success? This is an important question.


Success to me is growing spiritually living with joy and adventure.”

 I’ll show you how to detangle your thought-knots and enhance you state of mind.  #awakener


I’m a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Practitioner of Distinction of the Ericksonian Method of Indirect Hypnotherapy, Motivational, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach.

A bit of my journey:


I was born in Canada to an air force family. I began my long and highly successful financial career in Vancouver. At 40, I relocated to San Francisco to develop the California market from scratch. Thereafter, I moved to London when I fell in love with a Brit.


Having developed highly effective communication skills, with a passion for high end financial planning, I was a rock star in my industry smashing goals and winning all sorts of awards. I relocated to Jersey when I said, “I do.”


At this stage in life, I am blessed to do what I want. To help you is what I want to do.

“Working with Pam has been so helpful for me. I have found clear direction and confidence in who I am and where I’m going in my life. Shifts have taken place and dreams becoming a reality. I highly recommend it to everyone.”


– Liz Sheehan –