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Formula One Baby!

I’ve been binge watching Fargo.  I love the show because there are so many unexpected twists and turns in the lives of seemingly ‘ordinary people.  Lately, I’ve felt like I’m living in an episode of Fargo, minus the violence.


The polarization between the vaccinated and anti-vaxxer’s boggles this mind.  For some it’s become a stand for liberty and freedom.  I wonder why this wasn’t so when scientists developed vaccines against polio, measles, mumps, malaria, flu, smallpox, tetanus, whooping cough, chickenpox, yellow fever, and typhoid?



You Say Potato

I live on the island of Jersey, the original Jersey, in the English Channel.  It is known for being an international financial centre; for its gourmet potatoes that you’ll often find on your plate at posh restaurants in London, and for the Jersey cow.  Jersey cows are now found all over the world and thanks to the export of Jersey bull semen to Rwanda, dairy products have improved dramatically.



Your Inner Guidance System is Key to Success

Recently I was cleaning out a closet when I came across some old photos.  Amongst the snapshots from years gone by was a modelling headshot from when I was 21.  I shared the photo on social media and received compliments for which I’m grateful.  If only I had received the same when I was that age, I may have felt better about myself.


Bananas in Barbados

The closest I had ever been to Barbados until 2021 was meeting Bjorn Borg’s. I was working as a cocktail waitress at Richard’s on Richard’s in Vancouver.  The cabaret was frequented by movie, music and sports stars in the 1980’s.  One evening the club closed, Bjorn and his coach remained with the staff to have an after-hour cocktail.  He then invited us back to his suite at the Four Seasons. 


My Mind is Boggled

The outdoor Christmas lights went up this weekend.  That was a first.  I’ve always been a proponent of not decorating until December.  I notice many people are decorating early to bring on the feelgood factor because of pandemic fatigue.  That wasn’t our motive. Last weekend was gloriously sunny and warm so we thought we’d take advantage.  ‘Make hay while the sun shines’, as they say.


On the face of it, it’s a silly saying.  I, nor anybody I know, makes hay.


No Place to Hide

It’s a stormy, Autumn day.  The wind is coming in the from the West, whipping sheets of rain past my window.  Unusually, I can’t see the Minquiers, a group of islands and rocks about 15 km south of Jersey, where I live.  I can barely make out the sea for the low cloud.  There are loads of whitecaps.  The BBC weather report talks about big seas and dangerous tides in the English Channel.  The waves are pummeling our beaches.  My cats are tucked up on their favorite chairs.  There is no desire to play outside today.


Stormy weather.  On a grander perspective I am curious as to when the storms of 2020 will end for us all?  The world is indeed on a steep trajectory of changes this year.