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When I’m 64

This past month I spent two weeks a top medical spa in Austria (winner of Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards 2023) for a reset.  People come to this spa from all over the world for a variety of reasons;


Peeling the Onion

This month I’m not writing about a place I have travelled to, rather a different kind of journey.  For the past 4+ I have been writing a memoir of my early life.  I’m not writing it because I am famous or a narcissist as I’m neither of those.   Why then?  Because those years shape us by creating our patterns of thinking which in turn affects our behaviour and each year, adds a layer.


A Sting in London

Please bear with me as I set the stage for this blog.


In the early 1980’s, I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar at night whilst studying marketing and business administration during the day.  The venue was called Richards on Richards and was arguably the hottest nightclub in Vancouver.


Hong Kong – It’s a Dog’s Life or is it!

In November I finally made it to Hong Kong!  I thought I would go years ago when the British crown colony was transferred to China in 1997, there was considerable uncertainty amongst those who called Hong Kong home.



The Ryder Cup was FULL of Surprises!

Our 4th and final trip to Italy this year was to attend the Ryder Cup in Roma and watching the greatest golfers in Europe and the USA did not disappoint!  And I said, ‘this year’ because I will return to Italy time and again.  Quite simply, I love this country!



Deep Dive in London

The beginning of September took me to London, a city I’ve travelled to many times, possibly hundreds of times and lived there for a short while.  When I moved to Notting Hill some 17+ years ago, I never thought I would leave after only five months.  Astonishing how a marriage proposal can change the trajectory of our lives.