Versatility is Key

The world is upside down! As I look out my office window, I am watching a house being demolished on the street below us.  Breaking up the concrete and dismantling the metal mesh is a noisy process.  It makes writing difficult.


During the quiet moments I consider what a surprisingly strange year 2020 has been.  Loving travel as we do, we had plenty of it planned.  Every trip has been cancelled including the trip to Croatia that was due to start in a couple of days.  We quickly changed gears, took note of which countries in Europe that were given the green light by our local decisionmakers and booked a getaway to Sicily.


Although I was full of eager anticipation because I was going to Croatia for the first time, I am not disheartened.  Italy never disappoints.  Croatia is simply for another time. I’m eager to explore Sicily with its strong Greek and Northern African influences.  I’ve only spent a few hours in Palermo on a cruise stop, so this experience will be interesting.


Freshen It Up!


It is the fresh, new experiences of travel that I adore.  Interestingly, I have not missed travel as I thought I would.  I have taken to appreciating my day to day experiences replete with activity.


I swim most days.  The lovely warm temperature of our pool and the air at this time of year makes it especially pleasing.  Walking down the stairs, donning my goggles and swim cap, then diving into my laps.  I love the feeling of the water against my skin, breathing deeply, using my arms, shoulders and legs.  Upon finishing I stretch against the side of the pool.


The brain adapts to changing demands by altering its neuroplasticity which results in learning and acquiring skills.  Evidence from studies suggests that physical activity facilitates neuroplasticity of certain brain structures and as a result cognitive function.  Physical exercise enhances an individual’s capacity to respond to new demands with behavioral adaptions.


I’ve taken up Yin yoga.  It’s a slow, rejuvenating yoga where one holds a posture for six, sometimes eight, minutes.  The practice stretches my muscles, tendons and fascia.  Afterwards I feel as though my body has been ironed and I’m free of wrinkles.


Yin yoga gives you the time and space to allow emotions, thoughts and feelings you have kept within, to surface.  You’ll be encouraged to allow those feelings to be there, but not identify with them.


I walk, do light weight training, and move my body to music with aerobic lessons via YouTube.  I’m fitter than I have been in a long while having strengthened the bits and pieces of my body that have been challenged from surgeries and accidents.


Aerobic exercise improves blood flow to the brain allowing increased oxygen and important nutrients to the brain.


I’ve started a podcast as my way of giving back to the world.  I take time to contemplate the final version of my book and other projects I envision.  My creativity is at an all-time high.


When you give, you’ll likely get more back.  The more one gives or does, the happier they tend to be.  It’s the ‘joy of giving’.


Flex Your Perspective!


With flexibility of perspective, this pandemic has been a positive life-changing experience for me.  Flexibility allows one to flip the switch quickly.  With technology racing ahead, populations growing, marketplaces shifting, a global economy, versatility has become paramount if one wishes to live a full life.


Success to me is growing spiritually, living with joy and adventure”.  – Moi


Life is a journey that can at times be easy, with smooth straight roads, or hard, when the path becomes overgrown and tangled.  It’s when the path is gnarly that resilience can serve us well.  An ability, your power, is to look at life through the eyes of a child.


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