Olfactory Trigger

Who Pulled the Trigger?

May has been a month of surplus emotion.  My mood has been going UP and DOWN like a seesaw.


‘UPs” or feel-good emotions are a result of positive triggers whereas ‘DOWNs’ are the opposite. Some ‘thing’ or some ‘one’ pulls a trigger in our mind’s eye.  As a consequence, we experience a feeling.


Positive triggers are sensory experiences that make us feel good.  They result in creating a positive STATE OF MIND.





About Your Belly Fat!

I’m currently on the outskirts of Bodrum, Turkey undergoing a two-week juice detox. It’s an opportunity for a complete bodily system clear-out allowing my digestive system a much-needed rest; not to mention reducing the risk of disease and losing weight. I’m 13 days in and the signs are telling; my skin is clearer; my eyes brighter, and I feel much lighter.  I have never not eaten solid food for such a length of time since I was a wee baby.


There is a diverse group of guests here.  I am the only Canadian but not the only one from the UK.  I have met fellow detoxers from Belgium, Scotland, England, Romania, Switzerland, Germany, France, Germany, Jordan, Finland and of course, Turkey.


“How many days are you here for?” is the opening line of conversation, often in broken English. Conversation inevitably continues with discussion of  bathrooming, optimal time in the sauna and the quality of yoga instruction.





Can I speak to Kerry please?

He had blonde hair, the lightest in the family – probably originating from the Swedish blood on our mother’s side. He had grey eyes but not the cold, steely kind; his sparkled. They told a story. During our teenage years, the house phone would ring off the hook with girls calling to speak with my brother. He was a handsome young man.


He could make me laugh like no other. I’d laugh until I cried. I remember tears streaming down our mom’s face too as she laughed from something quick witted, he had said. He made her happy.


Dolly Parton had a great line in the movie, Steel Magnolias. She said, “Laughter through tears was her favorite emotion.” I think it’s mine too. I’m so grateful he gave our mother that gift as she had led such a hard life and joy wasn’t available to her often. It’s probably why he did it.


My brother’s name was Kerry. Geez, I get emotional just writing his name. The difference he made in my life is palpable.